Doing consent well is complex. Simplify it with Obsequio


Doing consent well is complex.

Simplify it with Obsequio.

Customer experience is everything. The GDPR, and the principles it instils, asks that organisations treat personal data with care, promotes transparency and gives people more control over their data.

From acquisition to disposal, consent is an active part of your customer lifecycle. How well you do consent will define your customer relationships.

Obsequio is a GDPR-ready consent management platform. Obsequio enables you to request, track and manage consents with your prospects and customers.

Your customers can review requests, make decisions and manage their preferences.

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Be open and transparent

You work hard to build the trust of your customers so be open about what you do with their data, how you do it and how long for. Obsequio gives your customers confidence that your company cares about their data.

Be consistent

Obsequio takes the day-to-day consent process away from your operational teams and delivers consistent results, every time.

Demonstrate compliance

Obsequio creates and stores comprehensive audit logs. Detailed evidence of your customer's consent.

How does Obsequio work?

Independent consent management

Obsequio Software is a consent management platform

Using Obsequio you can meet the GDPR requirements for consent by giving control back to your customers. Be specific, transparent, unambiguous and get affirmative confirmation in return.

Under the GDPR your customers could choose to change their preferences, withdraw consent and make requests to your business. You can update your details, request re-consent and change consent purpose anytime. Obsequio provides a consistent mechanism to manage all changes.

A single portal, for both you and your customers, to manage the full consent lifecycle.

Comprehensive audits

Every action, both human and system, is recorded in Obsequio.  Granularity and transparency help to protect your customers and your business.

You can connect Obsequio to 3rd party business intelligence tools to create custom reports.

Audit underpins Obsequio – review in detail every action during the consent lifecycle of your customers.

Full lifecycle consent

From customer acquisition to disposal, with all the activities in between.

With Obsequio you can manage:

  • Baseline consent (the fundamental processing activity)
  • Marketing preferences
  • Additional consents for specific purposes – unbundled and unambiguous
  • Suppression lists
  • Requests for access and withdrawal of consent

Stores and references your suppression list

If a customer enforces their right to be forgotten, Obsequio can help make sure they stay forgotten.

Obsequio holds enough data to identify the individual and notifies you if their data is re-added to your CRM

Your former customers can continue to view the historical consent relationship with your organisation, as can you.

Manages customer requests

  • Data subject access requests
  • Withdrawal requests
  • Data portability requests

Obsequio provides a single point of entry to manage consent, and any requests that may come from your relationship.

Simple management of all rights granted under the GDPR to support your compliance where consent is the legal basis for processing data.

How we can help

Obsequio helps you do consent well. Specifically designed to meet the increased consent requirements under the GDPR.

Use Obsequio to request, store, manage and renew consent with your customers



in the age of the aggregator

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for a geographically unrestricted customer base


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in an online shopping economy

'The issue of consent is of particular importance and may present one of the biggest challenges when GDPR is applied from next May'

Maureen Falconer, Information Commissioner's Office

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