Doing consent well is complex.

Simplify it with Obsequio.

iPhone 7 showing screenshot of Obsequio Software consent-as-a-service product, displaying consent dashboard

Be open and transparent

You work hard to build the trust of your customers so be open about what you do with their data, how you do it and how long for. Obsequio gives your customers confidence that your company cares about their data.

Be consistent

Obsequio takes the day-to-day consent process away from your operational teams and delivers consistent results, every time.

Demonstrate compliance

Obsequio creates and stores comprehensive audit logs. Detailed evidence of your customer's consent.

Schools & Kids Clubs

Parental consent doesn't have to be difficult. Make it easy, affordable and fast with paperless consent.


Simplify the CV process from candidate to potential employer. Gain immediate candidate consent with e-consent.

'the proper use of personal data can achieve remarkable things. It can improve, ease and enrich our lives'

Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner