How does it work?

See how easy Consent Management can be.

You Create a Template

Create easy templates to make sure every consent request is compliant.

You send a single consent request

Take your template and send it to a customer. It’s as easy as typing a name and an email address.

You send multiple consent requests

If you need to send consent requests to more than one person, then save yourself time by using Obsequio’s easy to use “Bulk Send” option. Upload a spreadsheet, pick a template and hit send.

Your customer says yes

The most important part of the process – Obsequio makes it easy for your customer to say yes.

Your customer can change their mind

GDPR rules say that customers must be able to withdraw their consent at any time. Take the pain out of the process with Obsequio.

Your customer can send a subject access request

Obsequio keeps all of your Subject Access Requests in one place, and makes sure the right person is notified every time you get a new one.

You review and respond to the SAR

You can review and respond direct to your customer using Obsequio’s built in SAR portal.

Doing Consent well is complex.

Simplify it with Obsequio.