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Getting parental consent can be difficult.

Simplify it with e-Consent from Obsequio.

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Banish the paper parental consent form.

Obsequio makes paperless consent simple for

Consent Management for Education

request, store, manage and report on parental consent

get every consent for every child, without the need for paper forms

centrally managed consents, visible to all staff

auto-refresh consent every year
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"Consent should be given by a clear affirmative act establishing a freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the data subject's agreement to the processing of personal data relating to him or her"

GDPR Article 4, Recital 32

Doing consent well takes time.

Simplify it with Obsequio.

End to end consent management

Manage the consent relationship between you and parents with Obsequio. A web-based application that can be accessed anywhere.

Obsequio requests, stores, manages and renews the right consents, at the right time for your school or club.

The right consent at the right time

Your parents will need to consent to different requests as their child(ren) progress through your school or club. Let them manage all consents with one simple login.

Standardise and simplify consent

Whether you need consent for a school trip, to apply first aid or simply for compliance reasons, the process for requesting and managing consent needs to be the same.

Use Obsequio to simplify and standardise the consent process to reduce the risk of non-compliance and administrative impact on your school or organisation.

Consent needs ongoing management

You will need to refresh parental consent on a regular basis, normally annually. e-Consent allows teachers and administrators to receive renewed consent every year, automatically.

Parents can change their minds too. If a child develops an allergy or circumstances change, they can withdraw consent at any time. With e-Consent from Obsequio you can be sure that the right person is notified.

Parents can make requests

Parents have rights to access their child’s data or withdraw their consent.

Say goodbye to time consuming phone calls and emails. With e-Consent from Obsequio, parents make the request online and the right person in your organisation receives real-time notifications.

Show your working out

Doing consent well is complex. You need to prove that it has been done right.

Obsequio records every request you make and every parental response you receive, throughout your whole relationship.

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