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Consent Management for Hospitality

request, store, manage and report on your customers’ consent

get consent from every customer, for bookings and for marketing

prove consent compliance with detailed auditing

make sure customers you’ve deleted stay deleted with built-in suppression lists

"Consent should be given by a clear affirmative act establishing a freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous indication of the data subject's agreement to the processing of personal data relating to him or her"

GDPR Article 4, Recital 32

Make Obsequio the key ingredient in your recipe for compliance.

Simple, unambiguous consent.

End-to-end consent management

Manage the consent relationship between you and your customers with Obsequio. A web-based application that you can integrate with your CRM or online booking system.

Obsequio requests, stores, manages and renews the right consents at the right time with your customers.

The right consent at the right time

Your customers will need to consent to different requests as your relationship develops. To book a table or room, use a loyalty card and then for future marketing.

You can create as many types of consent as you need for your customers.

Standardise and simplify consent

Whether you are a large multi-national chain, or an independent hotel or restaurant, your process for gaining consent from your customers needs to be consistent.

Use Obsequio to simplify and standardise the consent process to reduce the risk of non-compliance and administrative impact on your business.

Consent needs ongoing management

Customers have rights to access their data, withdraw their consent and tell you to delete their data. By law, you only have 30 days to respond.

With Obsequio, your customers make requests inside the application, and you get real-time notifications, to the right person, every time.

Suppression lists prevent accidental data handling

If a customer tells you to delete their data from your CRM, booking system, loyalty card scheme or marketing list, it’s important to make sure they aren’t added again.

Obsequio holds just enough information to make sure that if they’re added again, you get a notification to immediately delete them.

Show your working out

Doing consent well can be complicated. You need to prove that it’s been done right.

Obsqequio audits every action you take and every response a customer makes, throughout your whole relationship.

Obsequio infographic hospitality industry by numbers for loyalty and consent 57% of consumers will abandon or not use loyalty schemes within 12 months

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